Bald Bluff Township


Bald Bluff Township, the northern most township of the county, was probably the last section of Henderson County to be settled. It takes its name from the highest bluff in the county, facing the Mississippi River, about three miles back from the river. It is about three hundred feet in height. In the early days the vegetation on this point was so sparse that it was named "Bald Bluff," and the same name was adopted for the township.

The earliest settler in this township of whom definite information is available, was Moses Cowan, who settled in the township about 1836.

Points of Interest

Experience The View - The view from this bluff is probably the finest in the county. A person standing there can look across the intervening distance and see the Mississippi River. Ten miles to the southwest may be seen Oquawka, while to the northwest may be seen Keithsburg.


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