Village of Carman


Settled in 1842, Carman was platted by Joseph Carman in 1870. The unincorporated village`s attraction remains the same today as it was more than 100 years ago - its close proximity to the Mississippi River. The village attracted a number of businesses in the late 19th century as the nearby railroad prospered. A hotel, Model T garage, and five blacksmith shops once conducted business in this village that owed much of its growth to the lumber and fishing industries. When the nearby settlement of Shokokon began to decline, many of its residents and businesses decided to relocate to Carman.

In 1875, one year before General George Custer met his fate at the Battle of Little Bighorn, the village of Carman was busy constructing its Methodist Church. The congregation celebrated the church`s 125th anniversary in August 2000. But if you don`t need any blacksmithing done or the flywheel replaced on your Model T, don`t worry. Some things never change. Carman and Shokokon remain close to the Mississippi River and provide convenient access for those who enjoy boating, fishing, and other water-related activities. Today, the unincorporated village of Carman has a population of 60. Carman is located 15 minutes southeast of Burlington, Iowa.

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