Media Township


In the summer of 1887, a farmer, Nathan Wever, platted a market town on his land. Later that year an elaborate ceremony took place that gave the community its name. The two halves of the Santa Fe Railroad, one from Kansas City, the other from Chicago, were linked together at the highest point (some 675 feet above sea level) between the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan. The new town was called Media, or halfway point, instead of Wever.

In the 1890`s oil was discovered nearby, and it was predicted that Media would soon become a metropolis with paved streets and factories. It never happened. Media did become an optimistic forward-looking town and the sponsor of the earliest efforts at higher education in the county, Wever Academy. Media also is the home of Francis Davidson, the inventor of the Monarch tractor engine.

Points Of Interest

Santa Fe Railroad Trestle, drive a mile east on the county blacktop (Smithshire Road) to view the historic trestle bridge. Santa Fe Railroad Trestle, erected in 1882 on the Santa Fe mainline, this is a unique structure for the Midwest. With a span of 1,000 ft. plus and 6 stories high, it testifies to the steel girder construction skills of that era. The U.S. Army provided top security for the trestle during WWII. This mainline remains in full service today.

Walnut Grove Cemetary, drive a couple of miles west to visit the stone memorial.

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