Raritan Township


In the southeast corner of the county, the village of Raritan began in 1856 when a group of immigrants of the Dutch Reformed denomination from New Jersey came to what was then called Bedford Precinct. Since many of the settlers came from New Jersey towns located along the Raritan River, it was only natural for them to name their new community after the land they left behind. Although the Village is still located on a plain between the two forks of Honey Creek, residents realize that it is neither a city nor on the frontier but they still believe that it's the best place in the world to call home. To get to town, you have four choices - the Raritan Road - go west 8 miles off US 67, or 4 miles east from Ill 94, or 3 miles south of Ill 116.  If you're adventurous, head north off Ill 9 until you get to the Raritan Road. Any way you get here, you'll find that you'll receive a warm welcome.

Henderson County Museum - the museum depicts rural lifestyles during the early 1900's. The three building complex features schoolrooms, farm kitchens, wearing apparel, and many farm implements of the day, some of which are very rare. The museum was founded by the Henderson County Historical Society in 1976.

Raritan Reformed Church, with its inspirational spire and large wooden columns, the church is a striking example of mid-nineteenth century architecture.

Raritan Opera House, the Opera House, build in 1902, remains the center of the community's activities. A celebration of its 100 years of service was held in 2002.

Annual Events

Raritan Volunteer Firement Pancake Supper - Last Saturday in February or first Saturday in March.

Independence Day Celebration - Raritan Fireworks south of town.

Henderson County Historical Society Barbecue -

Heritage Trail Weekend - Last full weekend in September.

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