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Drawing upon the skills, abilities and knowledge of the residents of our communities and townships, the Henderson County EDC strives to encourage the growth and development of home-grown businesses as well as attracting new businesses from other parts of the state, region, and nation seeking relocation and expansion.

The Henderson County EDC endeavors through a Board of Directors and a variety of committees to tell the story of what makes our county, not only a good place to live, but an advantageous place to invest money, build businesses, create homes, and raise families.

The Henderson County EDC is committed to being a cooperative, diverse organization of citizens whose concern is to be in partnership with the village and township officials in promoting their communities, building and expanding their infrastructure to support economic growth and community development.

On a regular basis, the Henderson County EDC will work with and through state agencies and public organizations to increase interest in our relaxed lifestyle and safe environment, our rich natural beauty and recreation opportunities, and our down-to-earth friendliness and hospitality.


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