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Welcome to Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

Priority for the Henderson County Emergency Management Agency is to protect the public, environment and critical infrastructure.  To obtain these goals Henderson County promotes, coordinates and directs a comprehensive emergency management program which addresses mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery relative to disasters and major emergencies.

The Four phases of Emergency Management support the mission of Henderson County Emergency Management Agency and accomplish the goals of the Henderson County Board.

  • Mitigation – To mitigate the effects of a hazard.  Activities designed to reduce risk by either preventing the occurrence of an emergency or long-term activities to minimize the potentially adverse effects of an emergency.
  • Preparedness – To prepare measures for preserving life and minimizing damage resulting from disasters caused by enemy attack, sabotage, or other hostile action, or from natural or manmade disasters.  Activities, programs and systems that exist before an emergency and are used to support and enhance response to an emergency or disaster.
  • Response – To respond to disasters and emergencies to provide necessary assistance to minimize the impact of a disaster or emergency.  Activities and programs designed to address the immediate and short-term effects of the onset of an emergency or disaster, to help reduce casualties and damages and to speed recovery.
  • Recovery – To recover from disasters and emergency in order to return the county to its normal state, restoring systems to normal.

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Henderson County EMA


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